New Z-Control for BOB-CAT 48” Deck Walk-Behind Mower

The rugged BOB-CAT® Hydro Walk-Behind Mower is now available with Z-Control.  BOB-CAT’s patented Z-Control system is being offered as an option on their 17 hp Kawasaki KAI 48” fixed deck side-discharge model. The Z-Control handles are more ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. The built in operator present controls make driving the Z-Control much more comfortable and efficient.

All BOB-CAT Hydro walk-behinds, pistol grip or new Z-Control models, offer the speed and power to cut up to 6 mph with any of its three deck configurations.  That’s up to 20 acres in a single shift!  Fixed and Float Side Discharge decks come in 36-, 48- or 54-inch sizes and allow for the perfect fit for the job.  The side discharge floating deck offers quick and easy cutting height adjustment.  Dual hydraulic pumps with wheel motors allow independent power to each wheel for superior control and maneuverability.  Smooth-tread pneumatic caster wheels and 5″ height adjustable rollers on floating decks provide a scalp-free cut on any terrain.  BOB-CAT Hydro walk-behinds are available with a 15 or 17 hp Kawasaki V-Twin air-cooled gas engine (electric start is also available on the 17 hp model).  Optional grass catchers, mulching kits and stripping kits are also available.

  • Cuts up to 20 acres in an 8 hour shift (54-inch deck).
  • Choice of 15- or 17-hp Kawasaki V-Twin air-cooled gasoline engines (electric start available on 17-hp model).
  • 5 Gal. Fuel Capacity
  • Dual hydraulic pumps and wheel motors for ultimate control and productivity.
  • Deck configurations:
    • 36-, 48- and 54-inch floating side discharge decks with quick, easy cutting height adjustment
    • 36-, 48- and 54-inch side discharge fixed decks
  • Easy-to-use SoftGrip™ fingertip controls require minimal pressure to hold.
  • 2-Year Warranty (engine is warranted by manufacturer)
  • Optional grass catchers, mulching kits and striping kits available.

All BOB-CAT mowers are designed for the commercial user, with the perfect blend of power and comfort features that go beyond the industry standard. All BOB-CAT Mowers are engineered for heavy-duty daily use.