Schiller Employees do Volunteer Work at Arlington National Cemetery

It was a steamy, hot July 16th as 400 volunteers descended on Arlington National Cemetery to do a little landscaping.  The 22nd Renewal & Remembrance volunteer day of service is an annual event for the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

As a co-sponsor of the event, several employees from Schiller Grounds Care and our distributor Steven Willand, Inc., took part.  This team employed six Ryan ZTS stand-on aerators and a Steiner 450 tractor with a front core aerator attachment to aerate several sections of the cemetery.

Volunteers from across the nation fanned out across the grounds and completed projects including:

  • 108 acres aerated,
  • 5 acres limed,
  • 46 acres received phosphorus,
  • 4 trees received lightning protection,
  • 3 Irrigation projects completed,
  • 1 large retaining wall built, and
  • And the children’s program planted 300 annuals and 15 shrubs at the Mast of the Maine memorial.

Photo credit: Phillippe Nobile Photography